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It always happens! Every time!
Every time I fly across the pond, I become re-energised. Even more so this time! The spirit of positivism. The upbeat tempo. The noise. The heat. The hustle and bustle of busy bees going about their business. The flowers and the trees giving off a translucent light that is almost heavenly.
Yet each time I return to the nest, it always happens. It takes a few days, but it always happens.
The energy wanes. The harsh reality that it took so much time and honey money to make the long journey. Sure, it is nice to be back with friendly faces. But the contrast is stark. The new-found boost of spirit is sapped from me hour by hour, day by day.
What will be left? A few profound phrases and catchy stories from the wiser ones that have been implanted in my memory for ever.
And, as autumn rolls in, the honey is running out! The beekeeper-taxman will take his lion’s share in a few days. Time for rationing. The nest is also becoming less crowded as some of the other travellers haven’t returned. Lost to the mists of time.
Many here are fearful of the future. Even more so since the recent events. An old friend that I met in the last few days was very depressed. Low spirits from those around me saps the energy from that sip of golden elixir that I became drunk on when I was across the pond.

The way forward now seems less clear. I’m confused by the multitude of paths and alternatives. I have become fearful of even leaving the hive. Everything seems to be so much more complicated.
Last night, I fell asleep and asked the stars for some inspiration. A way forward. As I awoke this morning, the last note I received in my dreams was a strong, simple message written on a leaf falling from the heavens. It said:
Simple. Straightforward. An enduring bold belief sent from the Messenger of the Gods.
I am relieved and excited again! The sun is shining. Time to get on with the day and start living this simple philosophy.

Love & Light to all readers,



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